A True Transformation

Mindset, Nutrition, Health and Fitness Life CoachTHINK healthy BE healthy. This website is about your MIND and BODY.

I will empower you in CREATING a  healthy  life that you  in fact are DESTINED to have. You have wonderful purpose here in life, you have many talents and gifts and it’s my mission that you live a life that you love!

I believe the best shot that you have in fulfilling your ultimate purpose is to have a body that is in optimal condition. What we eat and keeping our bodies active and mobile provides us the energy and focus to ultimately live out our purpose and make an impact on those who are important to us.

Now, how do we do that? We HAVE to work in the battle ground: YOUR MIND

You can go many places for nutrition and fitness and find piles and piles of information and pointers which is great, yet if you’ve noticed, makes no difference in actually getting anything done.


Some say that I’m a ‘can opener’ for miracles! As a Life Coach, I want to empower you…

…to understand that the mind comes first in all matters in life. Our brain runs the show and if we do not have a full understanding and eventual mastery of our operating system, we can be ineffective in life. Here you will still have access to information, recipes, training tips, articles and how to take care of your body, however you will also have access to HOW you can implement these things in life via my free Mindset Monday videos, online courses and blogs I write.

I am very committed that EVERY human being has access to empowering themselves in their lives whether they are are a client of mine or not. Therefore, you will find plenty of free and useful information here and on my social media pages.

Paleo Coaching

Here at A True Transformation you are a part of a team and will be treated as such!

We are playing the game of life and I am on your side as your Coach. By stepping into my arena, you’ll get LIFE ALTERING COACHING. We play hard, work hard and have breakthroughs left and right!

For your body: I emphasize lifting weights and moving.  I recommend  Paleo Lifestyle and Weston A. Price approach here due to the fact that as someone who holds a degree in Biochemistry, it makes the most sense to me from a nutritional perspective.

With that said, it’s is not a requirement that you share my same philosophy in order to take any of my courses, everyone is welcome, honored and respected here on this team.

“What are you using your life for today?”

I use my life to uplift you and empower you no matter who you are and what you believe.  Thank you so much for stopping by and I look forward to getting to know you!

-Coach Prime